Blockchain Cooperative Organization Protocol

With BlockCOOP, we aim to build a new model for Digital Co-operation. Co-operation has been the cornerstone of human civilization to ensure that trust can be established, guaranteed by the rule of law.

The advent of the Internet, has had a profound impact on society, economics and globalization. Co-operation beyond economic boundaries has increased significantly and created a complex web of partnerships and agreements between various individuals and entities. The rise of the sharing economy has led to greater co-operation between individuals and the rise of Globalization has a similar impact on corporations. The need for a global standard for co-operation agreements to ensure that trust-less enforcement of agreements can be seamless.

What is BlockCOOP? What

BlockCOOP is a transactional and governance blockchain for co-operatives or between two or more co-operating individuals. The role and value of BlockCOOP will be to reduce the cost of trust and the facilitate the seamless co-operation between individuals and entities.

BlockCOOP is an open-source, permission less blockchain protocol for co-operation agreements between individuals or entities to cement relationship or ownership interests. The protocol is intended to serve as an open standard for smart contractual agreements that incorporate functionality recording, transacting and accountability for agreements with automated execution of terms.

Decentralized for the Decentralized

Blockchain based technology platform for Co-ops to organize their membership, governance and operational execution

Designed for Coops

BlockCOOP is designed to be Co-operative for Co-operatives or organisations that want to built with their users. Anyone can be a member and benefit from the cross-platform COOP.

Operational Organization

Using the BlockCOOP Protocol, Coops can automate and organize operational contracts flexibly

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